At ASMBL our goal is to enable customers to personalize the design and fabrication of small homes, cabins, backyard offices, or rental units.

How It Works:

  • An online configurator (currently being designed) is used to pick the width and length of the structure

  • The components (pieces) of the product are then cut using CNC routers

  • The components are either shipped to the customer or cut in a shop nearby where the customer can pick the components up

  • The customer ASMBLs the product - saving them a ton of money or they can hire labor to put it together (in some areas our team may be able to assist with ASMBLy for an additional fee)

  • This process significantly lowers the cost while maintaining extremely accurate precision and a structure 2x stronger than a traditionally built stick home

2b-structural wood.png
2a-labelled components.png
Wiki Frame.jpg
wiki frame up 2.jpg
wiki frame up 7.jpg
wiki frame up 10.jpg

Renderings courtesy WikiHouse